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Editing the book

Editing the content of an article

There are several ways of displaying an article in edit mode in the book editor.

Then the article is shown in edit mode in the book editor. You can add or remove content freely.
edit article
The save button will validate the modifications you have done wheareas the cancel button will not modify the article.
An article can have two titles. The first one will appear bigger than the second one in your eBook reader. If you erase the content of a title field it won't be displayed in the book.
By default the first title is set to the title of the page the content has been grabbed from. The second one is empty be default. You can change that in the options screen

Adding a new article

Adding a new blank article is done via clicking on the add button in the book editor. The new empty article is added to the book and the edit mode is turned on for you to edit it.
add article

Changing the position of an article

The up and down buttons enable you to increase or decrease the position of the current article in the book.
move article

Deleting articles

The delete button will delete the current article from the book. If you want to completely erase the entire content of the book you can click on the delete all button.
delete article

Adding images manually

When you edit an article manually you might want to add an image to it. Just type the following text: $IMG{url_of_image} in edit mode and the image will be added.
adding image manually 1

adding image manually 2

Styling text

You can style the text in the book editor.
bold italic
Use the following syntax to add style:
bold italic manual
Here is the list of the possible styles:
bold $b
italic $i
strikethrough $k
underline $u
subscript $q
superscript $d
small $s

To add a link use the following syntax:
link syntax
You can see and click the link in the book editor.
link in editor

Adding a table

The syntax to use for tables is the following:
Table $tb
Row (tr) $tr
Cell (td) $td

Table syntax
The result:
Table in editor
A special keyword allows to specify the colspan or rowspan at the begining of a cell. cspanXX where XX.. is the span value, and rspanXX for the rowspan.

Editing book metadata

To edit the title, description, language or author of the book, go in the book editor, and click on the Metadata button in the More menu.
metadata button

The metadata edition popin appears on screen. You can change the title, description, language and author of the book and validate the changes by clicking on Save.
metadata edition
The Generate description button creates an automatic description for your book. It will be the list of all the titles of the articles contained in the book.

Choosing book cover

To select a cover for the book, go in the book editor, and click on the Cover button in the More menu.
cover button

The cover edition popin appears.
cover popin

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