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If you read articles from a particular website on a a regular basis and if this website provides an rss or atom feed then you can grab the content directly from GrabMyBooks.

To access the feeds screen, click on the Feeds entry in the menu.
accessing feeds screen

The feeds interface appears.
feeds screen

Adding a feed

You need to add a feed for it to appear in GrabMyBooks. To do so just enter the feed url in the text field on top of the screen.
add a feed

Validate by clicking on the Add Feed button.
add a feed button

Once the feed has been added a confirmation message is displayed.
add a feed button

The feed appears on the left side of the screen in the feed list.
added feed appears

You can add as many feeds as you want. The feeds are saved so that next time firefox is started they will be shown in the feeds screen.

Visualizing a feed

By clicking on the feed name, its entries are shown. By clicking on an entry, a description of its content appears on the right side of the screen. Note that this description is not the article itself, it's just a few lines about it. GrabMyBooks will grab the full content.
visualize feed

A feed can be refreshed by clicking on the refresh button. Any new entry will appear.
refresh feed

The visit button opens the entry page in a new tab in case of you want to see the content on its actual website.
added feed

To delete a feed just click on the delete button.

Grabbing feed content

For each feed entry worth being part of your book, select it by clicking on the checkbox beside it.

Then when you are done with your selection add it to the book by clicking on the Add Selection To Book button.
feeds selection

A message appears showing you the progression of the grabbing operation. If there is something wrong, for example an impossibility to connect to a feed page you can cancel the operation by clicking on the Cancel button.
feed grabbing progress message

Once all selected feeds have been added to the book a notification message appears on the right of the screen.
feed grabbing notification

On this notification window, you can control if the feed entries have been added correctly. You can delete one article or the whole added set.
feed grabbing notification actions

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