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GrabMyBooks gives you the ability to create your own newspapers. A newspaper is a collection of atom/rss feeds. You can view all the news at once ordered by day. When an article is interesting enough add it to an issue. When you feel the issue is ready to be read, transfer it to your ebook reader.

The NewsPapers screen is accessed via the related button in the menu.
Accessing the NewsPapers screen
NewsPapers screen

At first you will have to add a newsPaper. To do so click on the Add newsPaper button. A form appears to let you add the feeds that will be part of the newsPaper. You can add them by entering their urls or select them if you already added them in the Feeds screen of GrabMyBooks.
Add newsPaper

Each feed has a color. You can change it. You can also change the name of each feed.

You can then choose how the entries of each feed are going to be displayed in the newsPaper. By default they appear depending on their publishing date. You can choose to group them by feed.

An important feature is the use of google reader cache. A feed usualy gives you access to the last Nth entries of the website it belongs to. If the feed is very active (lots of entries each day) or if you go on vacations for a few days you want to retrieve the entries you missed. Google reader provides a cache for almost all the feeds. So it is better to choose to use the cache for the newsPaper. You just need to be connected to your google account. Open a new tab and connect to google. If your are already logged then the cache will work. If you are not connected then warning messages are going to appear on screen.

Once you have validated the new newsPaper it is refreshed. Then every time you want to refresh if you need to click on the blue round arrow next to it.

Clicking on the newsPaper shows its entries. Entries can be selected and added to issues which can then be grabbed or shared on GrabMyBookStore.

User guide's home page