Welcome to GrabMyBooks

The software that allows you to grab content off the web into your eBook reader

Why GrabMyBooks

You just bought a nice eBook reader and you realize what a fantastic piece of equipment it is. It doesn't tire your eyes, it has a very long lasting battery and is easily carryable.

So now you just want to fill it with good content. That's where the problem is. You only have a few options available:

  • Buy a book from one of the popular online stores.
  • Download for free a very old book.
  • Try and convert content from other sources with most of the time poor results.

Don't worry, the solution is here, GrabMyBooks is an application that allows you to grab content from the web and easily convert it in an epub file fully compatible with your reader.

GrabMyBooks is available as a standalone java application or as an Android app.

Here is a glimpse of how GrabMyBooks works:

  • Select automaticaly or manualy the content to extract from the web sites you visit.
  • Visualize and edit your book.
  • Get your epub / mobi file ready to be transfered to your ebook reader.
  • Enjoy a nice reading time !!!

Desktop application
Download GrabMyBooks Desktop 1.5 Windows Mac Linux
Browsers extensions
(Requires GrabMyBooks Desktop) Android application